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4 room hospital serves valley

The hospital was a four room hospital and it faced west on Glenwood Street. It consisted of two bedrooms, a kitchen, and an operating room.

It served a great purpose for the valley. People began to flock in from adjoining communities — Dubois, Victor, Idaho. Driggs, Idaho didn’t have anything. Pinedale didn’t even have a doctor. Soon Dr. Huff was over his head in business.

– As told by Dr. Donald MacLeod


Reverend Royal Balcomb plans a hospital

In 1916 Reverend Royal Balcom, who was the Episcopal Minister at that time, was talking to two other men in one of the local bars. Reverend Balcom suggested, “Why don’t we build Dr. Huff a hospital?”

This was the first time it had been thought about. This was on a Friday and they took it to some of the frequenters of the bars and one man gave two or three lots, at the present location of the Episcopal Church. On Monday they started cutting logs up Cache Creek for the building of this hospital. That was a three day period from the onset to the start. Today it would take two or three years.
– As told by Dr. Donald MacLeod